Flying Manually (RC Control)

AGS isn't required to fly manually, but can make some tasks easier:

Supported Manual Modes

AGS explicitly supports two manual modes (which can be enabled through the app):

  • Position mode is the easiest and safest manual flight mode. It has intuitive stick controls and is impossible to flip. This mode holds position when the sticks are centered, quickly damping any momentum and resisting external forces like wind.

  • Altitude mode is very similar to Position mode, except that it cannot hold horizontal position/heading (it can hold altitude). When the sticks are centered the vehicle will not immediately stop (but will slow down in response to wind resistance). It will also move in response to wind and other external forces.

Other manual modes may be accessible outside of AGS (i.e. though RC controller switches).

Position mode is highly recommended for new fliers, and for any flier who needs a safe and stable platform (e.g. for photography).

Enabling Manual Modes

Ensure that sticks are centered before enabling manual modes!

The manual modes can be enabled using the mode selector as shown.

Region of Interest (Position Mode)

AGS allows users to set a Region Of Interest (ROI) on the map in fly view. The camera will then track this ROI in when flying in position mode (only).

To set the ROI:

  1. Ensure you are flying (the ROI cannot be set when landed)

  2. Select the target location for the ROI on the map. This will popup the map action menu.

  3. Select option: ROI at location.

  4. Acknowledge the confirmation prompt:

  5. AGS will then add an ROI marker at the selected position, and mark the ROI status icon (application top bar) green ("enabled").

Note that the ROI isn't actually enabled until the vehicle is in position mode!

To remove an ROI, select the ROI status icon in the toolbar and select the popup option Disable ROI.